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Beauty may be more than skin deep. But it’s amazing what a good paint job will do for a car or a truck. Up or down, inside or out, the VHT paints available at Eastwood will make your auto look every bit as beautiful as it should.

What’s in a name? VHT stands for Very High Temperature. And it’s true that their paints can certainly handle the heat. They make automotive paints for interior and exterior dress-up that can accommodate temperatures up to 2000º F.

VHT Vehicle Dress-Up Paint

If you want to make your car look great without a lot of effort and expense, VHT high-temp paint from Eastwood is the solution. As a division of Dupli-Color® and Sherwin-Williams, VHT has a heritage of automotive quality. Their name stands for Very High Heat, and that’s exactly what their automotive aerosol paint is — finishes that withstand the most extreme temperatures. From their original VHT Engine Enamel, they’ve expanded into a variety of spray paints for exterior and interior dress-up that won’t peel, flake or chip under stress.

Aerosol Engine & Interior Paint

Eastwood is an authorized VHT auto paint dealer with dozens of possibilities for DIY restorations and custom projects. VHT ceramic engine paint aerosol protects against temperatures up to 550 degrees, making it a worthy coating for engine blocks and accessories. For the hardest-working engines and exhaust systems, use VHT FlameProof header paint — it can handle temperature surges of up to 2,000 degrees! Both aerosols come in a variety of OEM replica and original colors, including cast iron, aluminum, Ford green, flat red and bright yellow.

Customers can now use these premium paint for protection on other parts of their car. VHT Caliper Paint is formulated for brake detailing with extra heat and chemical resistance. Use their high-temperature chassis and roll bar coating for a one-step, no-primer epoxy finish that doesn’t require curing. The cabin can get a fresh new look as well with VHT Vinyl Dye upholstery paint for your seats. VHT paints are made in the USA with a 60-day warranty and 2-year shelf life.

Wide Color Palette

The big selection of VHT colors available here will make your pride and joy stand out from the crowd. From basic hues like gloss black and old Ford blue to eye-catching colors like gold flake and anodized red, these colors will wow anyone who sees them.

And they can see them in a lot of places. The engine compartment is a natural place for high-temp paints, so VHT provides a broad palette of colors that will wow anyone who peers under the hood, whether they are at a car show or a cruise-in. Brakes can get awfully hot too, so VHT makes caliper paints that look hot but can take the heat. We also stock plenty of VHT paints designed to dress up your wheels.

You can discover VHT Roll Bar and Chassis Paint here that doesn’t require a primer. Chemical, rust and salt-resistant, it dries to the touch in half an hour and thoroughly overnight.

If your vehicle’s interior needs a makeover or touch-up, VHT coatings can help too. The company’s Vinyl Dye Vinyl & Fabric Coating will work on vinyl seat covers and the short-nap carpeting typically used in modern cars, boats and aircraft. It also is good on plastic and simulated leather. These coating provide a great way to renew a worn-out interior or to completely change the color scheme for a totally new and different look.