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Eastwood Powder Coating Supplies

Powder coating is rising in popularity because it is easier, more economical and more efficient than traditional automotive painting. But you still need the right supplies for a project to be successful. Eastwood has a big assortment of powder coating accessories to help with every stage of our HotCoat® system.

Once you've selected a new powder coating gun and some snazzy-looking colors, you can turn your focus to the proper powder accessories. From masking supplies to post-coating polish, get the right powder coating equipment to reduce time, expense and hassle while producing an amazing finish. Do the Job Right when powder coating rims, roll bars, oil pans and other parts by getting the right supplies at affordable prices.

Preparing Your Workspace

Just like with auto paints, you need to prepare your parts and your shop before you get started. Some of the products we sell include high-temperature masking tape for marking off areas, silicone plugs for filling bolt holes, powder coating stands for hanging parts, metal prep for cleaning surfaces and blasting turntables for rotating objects. If you're trying to decide on a color, test them first on a steel speed shape. Want to bring your system on the road? Get a pancake air compressor that runs our HotCoat guns without breaking a sweat. The Eastwood powder coating accessories kit has all the essential starter items for beginners such as plugs, storage bottles and safety wires.

Ovens & Booths

Once you've finished applying powder to a part, you'll need high heat to cure it properly. A small powder coating oven is perfect for small parts and pieces. It gets up to temperature within 15 minutes and fits in a shop corner or underneath a work bench. Use our non-contact IR thermometer to safely check on parts. For larger parts, an adjustable infrared lamp will get things done. Our powder coating booth is another great shop addition, as it contains overspray to reduce clean-up time and leave you more reusable powder. Learn more about the importance of heat for powder coating on our ovens and lamps page.

Parts for Powder Coat Equipment

Keep your equipment working correctly with powder coating repair and replacement accessories. Our bottle and lid replacement set can be attached directly to your gun and then used for powder storage afterward. If you see contaminants getting into your gun or powder, swap out the old air filter with one of our disposable in-line filters. Other replacement parts include diffusers, emitters, vent hoses and grounding wires.

Powder Coating Books to Get Started

If you're new to the process, you'll want to have some good tips on your side. The Eastwood how-to powder coating handbook is filled with advice on supply selection, part preparation, application techniques and safety precautions. This book also covers solutions to common problems and introduces you to advanced equipment and techniques. Free articles about powder coating are available in the Eastwood tech library to get you started.

Equipment from DIY Experts

Eastwood has been dedicated to the DIY community since 1978 with award-winning products and knowledgeable service to help everyone "Do the Job Right". Find the little things you need to get big results by shopping here for powder coating accessories. Everything you see comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and free lifetime tech support.