Metal Fabrication

Metal Fabrication

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Eastwood Sheet Metal Fab Equipment

Creating custom parts is easy when you have high-quality Eastwood metal fabrication supplies. We’ve been part of the DIY community since 1978 and used a lot of different tools when making body panels, floor pans and other components. Our customers have also given us feedback on what works and what doesn’t. This in-house gear combines the best aspects of everything that’s come before so restoration and custom modding enthusiasts have practical metal fabrication equipment. Eastwood-branded gear also costs significantly less than comparable equipment from other brands so you can afford to do your own fab work.

Best Automotive Metalworking Tools

The Eastwood R&D guys have developed dozens of items to bend, twist, cut and otherwise shape metal. Our selection of sheet metal cutting tools includes jig saws, electric metal shears, tin snips and rotary shears. Use benchtop metal lathes and mills to machine parts at home for the desired thickness. Once you’re ready for shaping, choose from bead rollers, planishing hammers, bead rollers, metal brakes, tubing benders and other motorized equipment. Want to work on a smaller, portable scale? We also offer a variety of metal forming hand tools such as dead blow mallets, bullseye picks, metal punches and shrinker stretchers. Use benchtop belt sanders and grinders to smooth out weld beads and prepare the finished surface for painting.

Make Custom Auto Parts at Home

This is only the beginning of what metal fabricators can buy at Eastwood. From panel holders to bead rolling dies, rod forming tools to air shears, we’re the DIY leader in home part manufacturing. Restoration enthusiasts, race teams and professional autobody works can turn their shop into an Eastwood shop while staying in their budget. Many of our tools have videos, instruction PDFs and other info on the product page to help you get started. We also provide free lifetime tech support by phone and email with every purchase.