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DeKups adapter fits our Evolution and Concours guns, and more
Only $14.99
The LPH400-124LV Gun is ideal for precise automotive paint jobs.
Only $479.99
The LPH400-134LV Gun is great for professional automotive coat jobs.
Only $499.99
HVLP Gravity Spray Gun Kit
Only $234.99
Iwata Air Gunsa 1.3mm HVLP Gravity Spray Paint Gun and Cup 9230
Only $136.99
Iwata Air Gunsa 1.8mm HVLP Gravity Spray Paint Gun and Cup 9232
Only $124.99
Iwata Air Gunsa 3.0mm HVLP Gravity Spray Paint Gun and Cup 9238
Only $136.99
Iwata LPH300 1.4mm HVLP Spray Paint Gun No Cup 3945
Only $325.99
Iwata LPH300 1.8mm HVLP Spray Paint Gun No Cup 3960
Only $315.99
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Iwata Automotive Painting Tools

Painting your car should be an exciting, create a fun experience instead of one that you dread. Iwata has been developing the best auto painting equipment since 1982 for people who want their vehicles to look the way they imagined them. Whether you’re a DIY painter who’s getting ready to do if for the first time or have spent 30 years working on classic cars and hot rods, Iwata paint guns and accessories will help you do the job right. Eastwood has a great selection of spray guns for applying the right coating with the right amount of coverage for a brilliant finish.

Precision Air Brushes & Sprayers

Several sizes of Iwata air brushes are available depending on the project. Smaller 1.2mm HVLP spray guns are generally used for applying clear coats, base coats and sealers to smaller surface areas or for painting fine details. A 1.8mm Air Gunsa Gravity Spray Gun is designed for primer while the 3.0mm Gravity Paint Gun has a large enough nozzle for spray body filler and wide-coverage painting. Beginner and advanced models are offered for each size in many cases. Each paint gun uses patented LV technology that efficiently atomizes paint and reduces overspray. The surface of these compact paint sprayers has also been polished to reduce adhesion for faster clean-up.

Apply Any Auto Coating

Wondering which Iwata gun is right for your painting projects? Call or email the Eastwood tech team. We have been a DIY leader since 1978 and actually test the products we sell, if you have questions about one, we can answer it. If you’re a diverse painter, consider the Air Gunsa HVLP Gravity Spray Gun Kit, which has three needle/nozzle sets that can be swapped out on the same air brush. Iwata provides detailed technical information and guidance with each product they sell. You can also visit the Eastwood Garage for advice on products and technique.