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Shop Lighting and Work Lights

Automotive Work Lights

There are some DIY traditions that we're happy to keep alive - but the light bulb in a metal cage hanging from the hood or ceiling is not one of them. Modern work lights for automotive shops offer illumination that's as good as or better than drop lights. They also emit less heat and use less energy, so you can save money and lower the risk of burning yourself. We are proud to carry modern automotive work lights that can be used in the shop, the driveway or the race track pit area. An Eastwood underhood light or garage light will shine a bright glow where you need it. We now offer Streamlight flashlights as well that have been trusted by auto works for more than 45 years.

LED Shop Light Solutions

All Eastwood and Rockwood lights we sell use LED bulbs. An automotive LED work light is up to 90 percent more efficient than older incandescent lamps. This means we can create more types of lights that fit in small spaces. Folding work lights and flexible lights can be hung or clipped pretty much anywhere and pointed at just the right spot. We also have developed flood lights, headlights, spotlights and tube lights for different scenarios. Many of our products are rechargeable work lights with lithium ion batteries. You'll get up to six hours of high-output light from these products without needing to plug into an electrical outlet.

Brighten Every Corner

Our multipurpose shop lights are made from tough materials that last as long as the bulbs inside them. Most are water-resistant as well so you can use them around watercraft. There are multiple ways to set up each light as well. Hang them from a hook, attach them to a metal surface using a magnet, set them on a table or hold them in your hand depending on what you need to get done. Whatever Eastwood LED lights you order, you'll get a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee and expert service from a company that's been helping DIYers since 1978.

Every type of work light you can image to help you around your home, shop or project. Everything from LED work lights and flashlights, to specialty lights for checking paint and powder and underhood light kits that convert to stand lone lights that can even be used on a tripod. We even off lights that have stereo systems built-in!