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Metal Forming Bead Rollers

Bead Rollers add strength and rigidity to your project's sheet metal parts.

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Increase the capabilities of your bead roller
Only $199.99
Eastwood Elite 8" Heavy Duty Bead Roller

Only $107.99

Sale $89.97

Add strength and rigidity to your project's sheet metal parts
Only $174.99
Add strength and rigidity to your project's sheet metal parts as deep as 27" from a panels edge.

Only $349.99

Sale $319.97

Give your manual bead roller the option of power.

Only $329.99

Sale $299.97

19" Throat Depth Bead Roller with Power Unit

Starting at: $474.96

27" Throat Depth Bead Roller with Power Unit

Starting at: $619.94

A quality bead roller for sheet metal work, with electric power and foot pedal control. Economically Ships by Fed Ex in 2 Boxes - No Truck Shipment needed!

Starting at: $999.99

Increase the capabilities of your bead roller with more forming dies

Only $274.99

Sale $233.97

Perform 1/4" Beads in metal panels up to 16 gauge
Only $16.99
Perform 3/8" Beads in panels up to 16 gauge
Only $16.99
Perform Steps, Flanges and Joggles in sheet metal up to 16 gauge sheet metal
Only $29.99
Partner this Tipping die with the 20268 Polyurethane die and produce bends up to 90 degrees
Only $18.99
Use with the Bead Roller Tipping Die
Only $22.99
Includes 1/16", 1/8" & 1/4" Flanging Mandrels
Only $36.99
Use with Eastwood Bead Roller 32044,28187, 21327, and 21487 to produce professional-looking louvers
Only $107.99
Bead Roller Guide Fence for Eastwood 32044 and 28187 Bead Rollers
Only $45.99
Designed to fit the Eastwood Elite 27 Bead Roller

Only $35.99

Sale $27.97

Eastwood Bead Roller 4 Spoke Crank
Only $23.99
Form a 1 1/4 inch radius edge with the Eastwood motorized bead roller
Only $69.99
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Restoration enthusiasts are always dealing with damage caused by time. Rust and corrosion caused by weather and the elements take their toll on projects. And as time goes by, finding replacement parts gets more difficult.

That's why more DIYers are equipping their shops with metal working tools such as bead rollers. A project may call for new tube ends, firewalls, floor panels or even new outer panels, and crafting them yourself may be the most practical, affordable option.

At Eastwood, we have made metal forming bead rollers part of our inventory of more than 4,000 professional quality auto body tools. We carry manual and power versions of these versatile tools in several sizes, as well as a variety of dies for different shapes and accessories that customize their use even more. All of them come with our 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee.

Bead Rollers for Forming Metal

When fabricating your own parts, you need them to be just as strong as the original, if not stronger. A bead roller is an excellent way to add this strength to sheet metal and to form the right design for various pieces. If you do a lot of restoration or repair work, Eastwood bead rollers will save you money compared to hunting down rare parts or hiring someone else to make them. The metal formers you see here can be used to create radiators, ducts, fuel lines, dashboards and many other OEM or custom parts.

Sheet Metal Strength

We know that people have different preferences and needs for metal working. That's why the Eastwood R&D team has developed several sheet metal bead roller options for various parts. Our manual bead rollers come in small and large sizes to mount on a workbench, vise or stand. For some extra power and more control over your creations, try an electric bead roller that comes with a stand and foot pedal control. There are also tube bead rollers for creating lines and cylinders. Each model can be used on steel, aluminum, stainless steel, copper and other common metals.

Parts & Accessories

Precision custom metal work is much easier when you have the right tools to get you started. We have many bead roller accessories to do more than what's possible with freehand methods. Metal forming dies will help you create deep channels, flanges and style lines in different sizes. With a bead roller fence, you'll have a guide for perfectly straight lines or offsets. Special kits will help you make steps, raised beads and other common automotive metal shapes.

Fabrication Done Right

With four decades and counting of DIY experience, Eastwood is trusted by all levels of automotive builders for quality products and service. We want everyone to be satisfied with our metal formers and will work out a solution if you're not. Start your search today or contact us for assistance.

What kind of fabricated metal does your project call for? Contact us today and we'll get you started. Consult our bead roller buyer's guide to determine which option is best for your shop.