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Eastwood Elite 27" Bead Roller Fence

Item #21328 Brand: Eastwood

Designed to fit the Eastwood Elite 27 Bead Roller
Only $29.99


The Eastwood Elite Bead Roller Fence is specifically designed to fit the Eastwood Elite 27” Bead Roller to create precise, perfect straight line beads and offsets in metal panels up to 40” wide. Quick and easy to install, adjust and remove.

Use the Bead Roller normally while keeping the edge of the metal panel against the face of the Fence with an even pressure which will produce a consistently straight bead or offset parallel to the edge of the metal panel.

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(1) Bead Roller Fence
(4) M10 x 1.5 x 25mm Bolts



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This tool has leveraged rotating components that generate greatly amplified crushing and bending forces which can quickly cause severe injury! Keep fingers and hands away from moving parts when operating.

Handling sharp metal can cause serious cuts. Wear thick, well fitting work gloves to prevent cuts from handling sharp metal.

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