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Furick Cup

Furick Cup

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Furick Cup

Furick Products for the Best TIG Welds

When you are welding, you want to get the cleanest, strongest weld you can. The Furick TIG cups available at Eastwood can help you achieve the results you are after.

Founded by professional motorsports fabricator Michael Furick, this North Carolina company has become practically synonymous with quality TIG welds. Furick himself came up through the school of hard knocks. The product of a single-parent household, this native New York dreamed of building his own motorcycle, took a welding class and then moved south where he learned the art and science of welding. He obtained crucial hands-on experience and guidance from mentors he worked with in the drag-racing, military vehicle, engine shop and fabrication industries.

Unbeatable Inventory and Personalized Customer Service

Thanks to our ample inventory, safe and secure website and speedy shipping, Eastwood makes it easy to get your hands on the Furick Cup product of your choice. You can locate cups here in a variety of sizes so you can choose the right one for the size of the weld you are making. Our smaller cups will help you do welds in tight spaces. For more open areas, you can choose one of our larger cups.

Not sure which ones you will need to use most often? Pick up one of our Furick kits. They come with practically everything most welders will need to “get ‘er done” on practically any job. We also carry other Furick products like diffusers.

Whether you are looking for a glass TIG cup, a welding tumbler cup or another quality welding cup for your project, we can help. Have questions about which product is best for your application or anything else welding related? Call us toll-free or email us for fast, free and friendly advice.