Air Filters & Dryers

Air Filters & Dryers

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Air Compressor Filters and Dryers

Compressed Air Dryer & Filter Parts

Just like power tools need a high-quality electrical supply, pneumatic tools need a high-quality air source. Air filter and dryer assemblies from Eastwood improve the performance and longevity of shop equipment. Even if you’re regularly draining the compressor tank, water and contaminants can still creep into the lines. This can cause paint flaws when using an HVLP spray gun and lead to corrosion inside other tools. Use an air dryer filter to contain water and dirt so they don’t interfere with your work.

Filter Dryers & Filter Regulators

We offer dozens of parts to increase compressed air quality. The one you’ll need most is the dryer. How does an air dryer work? In short, it dehumidifies air by separating the water vapor and moisture as it cools. Products such as the DeVilbiss Desiccant Air Drying System can perform this process at any PSI or CFM so there’s no water build-up.

An air filter and dryer combo will further improve the compressor air by removing dirt and oil vapors. Our two-stage air dryer filter mounts between the compressor tank and air hose to trap impurities before they can reach the equipment valves. Separate filters are also available in sizes ranging from small in-line filters for pancake compressors to giant shop air management filter regulators. Add air filtration accessories such as shut-off valves, automatic tank drains, replacement filters and rebuild kits to maintain your system like a professional.

Keep Compressed Air Clean

An air dryer for your air compressor is a simple part that pays dividends every time you turn on the air. We’ll help you find the correct air compressor filter dryer for painting, abrasive blasting, running hydraulic lifts or inflating tires. In addition to our in-house DIY air system parts, we also carry brands such as Rapid Air, DeVilbiss and Motor Guard. All of them have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee so you can Do the Job Right.