Paint Polishing

Paint Polishing

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Automotive Paint Buffing & Polishing

Put the finishing touches on a new paint job or make a worn-out finish seem factory-fresh thanks to supplies and know-how from Eastwood. Polishing and buffing paint is much different than doing these processes on bare metal, and you need to use the correct supplies to get the best results. We have paint polishing tools from Griot’s Garage, Astro Pneumatic, Motor Guard and other brands to restore and maintain a great look.

Fix Paint Flaws Fast

It’s important to distinguish between paint polishing and buffing when ordering your supplies. Polishing gently removes the top levels of the finish (such as the clear coat), eliminating scratches, oxidation and sun fade along with it. For this process, we sell polishing pads, orbital sander polishers and compounds that reveal the great finish lying underneath. These vary in abrasiveness depending on how severe the surface defects are. Buffing takes off a thinner level of paint, which reduces nicks and removes microscopic cracks. The Griot’s BOSS™ auto paint buffing system covers every stage from high-level paint correction to the final smoothing out. Search the Eastwood Garage for more information about these products and tech tips to Do the Job Right.

Keep Polished Finishes Looking Great

Once you’re done restoring your paint, it requires extra care to clean off residual compounds and preserve that brand-new look. We sell car wax, Best of Show® auto detailing spray, paint sealant, wash mitts and microfiber towels to help your ride shine for years to come. You also can order solutions to clean your buffing pads so they’re ready for the next project. Eastwood has a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on all paint polishing supplies and accessories. Call us seven days a week or stop by a retail store to speak with a polishing and buffing expert who will get you started.