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Want to learn how to paint a car? Eastwood makes painting your car easy. Follow our simple 4-step process and eliminate the guesswork of which items are compatible and what is needed. Paintucation host Kevin Tetz and Eastwood show you how to select a paint gun, set up your paint gun, and walk you through the products and process of achieving a finish you’ll be proud of.

Since 1978, Eastwood has helped the DIY community do the job right by offering the industry's best auto body supplies. That includes a wide selection of paints to bring your car to life. Among our more than 4,000 products you'll find automotive paints and automotive finishes that give you a high-quality appearance that look like they came straight from a pro's studio.

Eastwood Automotive Finishes

Treat your car to a fresh coat with a high-quality automotive finish from Eastwood. We have formulated a variety of solutions for people who want to give their car a new look or need to put the final touches on body work. Whether you're a first-time auto painter or an experienced hand, you can find something that's easy to apply and looks show-worthy.

Eastwood Vehicle Primers

The first step to your paint job is a quality base primer. Eastwood produces several types of vehicle primers to give your project the right foundation so automotive paints adhere well with good top color. We have epoxy primers for use with bare metal and body filler, self-etching primers for steel and aluminum, urethane primers that are great for sanding and spray-on polyester primers for ultra-straight panels. We have primer activators and catalysts, 2K Aerospray aerosol urethane primers and weld-through primers for metal fabrication. See all Eastwood primers on our page along with a helpful video on how to choose the right primer.

Basecoats & Other Auto Colors

Give your car a sweet look in any color by choosing Eastwood. We have basecoats that go with our clear coats for a vintage show car look. If you are on a budget, single-stage urethanes combine color and gloss in one coat for a factory-like finish. We also make flats and mattes for those who prefer a low-gloss look. Check out the large selection of Eastwood Single-Stage Paints and Eastwood Basecoat Paints. These automotive paints are available in dozens of colors and variations — simply select the primary color on our Colors page and we’ll show you all similar shades

A Clear Shine

Clear coats are mandatory when using basecoats, and we recommend them with metallic single-stage paints as well. They give your car that showroom gloss you love and can be buffed down. These finishes also provide added UV protection for the basecoat. Eastwood has several clear coat options for just the right amount of luster, including high-gloss clear, matte clear, high-solid clears and aerosol spray-on clears. Visit our Eastwood Automotive Paint Clear Coats department for the full collection.

A Sweet Way to Ride

Want your car to really stand out? Eastwood custom auto finishes offer a dynamic solution. Our Candeez candy paints are used by hot rod lovers, low riders and other enthusiasts who want a vibrant appearance that’s truly sugary. They look even better when applies over metallic bases — especially gold, silver and gray. With Eastwood pearl or flake additives, you can really make a vehicle sparkle. (Note: we recommend adding flakes and pearls afterward rather than mixing them into the paint.)

Helping DIYers Finish the Job

Are you new to painting? Contact our expert staff or check out one of our instructional videos in the Eastwood Garage for assistance. We'll help you with every step of the process so your car will look exactly the way you want it to. Shop Eastwood paint products today if you're looking for a great finish.

We understand the reluctance for DIYers to head to an auto body shop for a paint job. They have worked hard, investing a lot of time and money into their projects, and don't want to put such an important step in someone else's hands. But even the best, most highly recommended body shops come with a bit of mystery when it comes to quality or color matching. It can be a process of trial and error, and a restoration enthusiast would rather learn those errors themselves, on their terms and time..

You can get the same results as a professional body shop. You can learn to use automotive paint easily, with our Eastwood four-step paint system. With Eastwood, you'll be able to bring your vision for your project to life. You'll catch eyes and drop jaws whether you head to the next show or just head out for a cruise. Shop at Eastwood for premium automotive paints and Do the Job Right.

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