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Shop Vise for Metalworking

Get a firm grip on parts and accessories thanks to our affordable DIY shop vises. In its simplest form, a vise is a super-strong clamp that secures objects so you can work with two hands. Adding a work vise to your shop makes it far easier to saw, drill, sand or shape metal. They’re also popular among carpenters who need to hold wood in place. Eastwood has developed a line of vises that Do the Job Right without setting your budget back. We also carry these mechanical devices from respected brands such as Wilton, Performance Tool, Strong Hand Tools and Yost.

Best Vise Clamps for Mechanics

Dozens of shop vises are available from Eastwood for your metalworking and machining projects. The bench vise is the most common among auto enthusiasts, packing strong clamping power in a compact size. They can be attached to the workbench surface or side depending on what is more stable. Use a drill press vise in conjunction with our drills presses or mill drills so holes are free of imperfections. Machinist vises are heavy-duty clamps attached to the top of a workspace to handle demanding tasks. We also have special woodworking vises for garage repairs and renovations.

Once you’ve selected the type of shop vise you want, there are many options to fit how you work. Choose from utility vises, angle vises, yoke vises, pivot jaw vises, swivel vises, pipe vises and many more in various sizes. Expand the device’s capabilities with vise accessories such as press brakes, soft jaws and jaw caps.

Do the Job Right

Need more information to help you choose the correct vise? Click on a product, visit the Eastwood Garage or call the tech center. Our expanding network of retail locations is also open seven days a week. We provide lifetime support and a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty on every Eastwood vise clamp.