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Buff Motor & Polishing Motor Tools

Smooth out welds, scratches, pits and other imperfections in metal using a buffing motor from Eastwood. We carry all the buffing supplies you need for making parts shine, including wheels, compounds, metal polish and drying towels. But before worrying about any of those things, you need the motor to control the process. An Eastwood polisher motor is powerful enough and durable enough to handle heavy-duty projects. At the same time, they’re affordable so DIYers can Do the Job Right while staying under budget.

Buffing Motors & Accessories

We’ve designed several buff motor solutions for everyone from the occasional user to the professional. The ½-HP Buffing Motor is a low-cost unit that can do small polishing projects on metal and plastics. It uses 6- to 8-inch wheels with generous work space while running off a standard 120V outlet. Enjoy more options by getting the 1-HP Dual Speed Buff Motor. This has the muscle when you need it to get through door panels and fenders before your arms tire out.

Want the complete metal finishing package? Check out the Eastwood 8-inch Bench Grinder and Belt Sander. It uses our ½-HP polishing motor to run an adjustable sanding belt, grinding wheel and lamp housing — all of which can be removed if you want to attach a regular buffing wheel. Multitool also makes a variety of motors and attachments to craft the perfect setup.

Eastwood Metal Polishing

Get the foundation for a lifetime of shining up metal by choosing Eastwood for your tools. Our buff motors have a 1-year warranty and generous 90-day return policy. Once you’ve decided on the proper motor for your needs, check out the rest of Eastwood’s metal buffing catalog. If you have questions before or after purchasing, call us seven days a week at 1-800-343-9353.