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Derale Automotive Cooling Systems

When you’re taking your latest project car out for a spin, you don’t want it to overheat — especially on a hot summer day that’s otherwise perfect for driving. Derale Performance has been developing the best oil and fluid cooling products for more than 70 years. This division of CP Auto Products has one mission: turn the heat down. They do so with high-performance auto cooling systems made in Los Angeles. Their systems are so good that many racers trust them in the heat of competition. If a Derale cooling product can handle the demands of these extreme vehicles, then they’re a dream match for your muscle car or hot rod.

Stay Cool on the Road

Shop at Eastwood for affordable Derale Performance cooling products that can be installed on a variety of vehicles. If you’ve just upgraded the powerplant, upgrade the cooling system to match with an ElectricTornado engine fan. These eight-blade reversible electric vehicle fans, which come in multiple sizes, can blow cool air into the engine or help pull hot air out depending on the most effective cooling method. Add an adjustable cooling fan controller and you can operate two fans at once.

We know it’s not just the engine that needs to keep the heat down, either. Derale Performance universal transmission coolers use a plate-and-fin design that provides superior cooling than standard tube-and-fin units. You’ll have better shifting performance and longer transmission life by using the right cooler.

Simple Auto Cooling Solutions

Don’t let the heat cut your next ride short. Derale Performance has the most complete line of performance cooling products with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty on all components. By ordering from Eastwood, you’ll also receive lifetime tech support from people who love cars just as much as you. Call or email us seven days a week for answers to all your product, technical and ordering questions so you can get back on the road.

Everyone knows that overheating is about the worst thing you can do to an engine. So if you’re taking your rig out for a ride on a broiling summer day or up a long, steep grade, you would be well advised to pull over when it is safe and shut the engine down if you see the temperature gauge needle jumping into the hot zone.

A Smarter Solution

Or you could be smart and avoid the whole issue with a Derale Performance cooler from Eastwood. In this case, an ounce of prevention really could be worth many pounds of cure, saving you a bunch of headaches as well as considerable charges on your credit card.

Derale coolers are respected by racers as well as by hot rodders, muscle car aficionados and anyone else who likes to go. For decades, this Southern California company has been the essence of cool. It makes many of its products in-house and strives to source as many of its components and materials as possible from American companies. Besides making great parts, that philosophy helps make good American jobs.

Here at Eastwood, we stock everything you need to help you and your car keep your cool. Products like the ElectricTornado engine fan will provide a smart cooling system upgrade to match engine upgrades. An adjustable cooling fan controller can run two fans simultaneously. How cool is that?

Transmissions Too

For longer life and smoother shifting, your tranny needs to keep cool too, so we stock universal transmission coolers. Their plate-and-fin design outcools standard tube-and-fin coolers.

If your engine is getting too hot or you just have questions about a particular product, call us toll-free or email us seven days a week. Our experienced staff will supply you some really cool answers.