Metal, Tubing and Pipe Benders

Metal, Tubing and Pipe Benders

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Tube benders and metal bending tools.

When it comes to bending metal, some mechanics think they can just put a simple bend in a part and solve their problem. Doing so incorrectly puts structural integrity and function at risk, however. Proper bending is especially important for tubes. An improper bend can create eddies or dams that impede the flow of exhaust gases or fluids.

Eastwood Metal Bending Tools

Bending, curving, angling and otherwise shaping metal in your own shop is as simple as coming to Eastwood for the right equipment. Our tube benders and tube formers are the best way for DIY enthusiasts to add function and style to their rides. These powerful tools can be used to make tube frames and roll cages or just to add a cool hood ornament. The right Eastwood tube roller will quickly become a go-to unit for any fabricator.

Get a Pro Tube Bender

With an Eastwood tubing bender, you'll be able to curve metal tubes up to 180 degrees without flattening or kinking. Both our regular and high-capacity benders have a rigid steel frame that will stay securely on your workbench. The standard model is for mild steel and chromoly tubing while the high-capacity model can also handle stainless steel, aluminum and copper. Each bender either comes with a set of forming dies or has the option add on the ones you will need. If you are using rods for your hangers and brackets rather than tubes, a rod forming tool is an affordable way to get proper leverage.

Tube Notching Equipment

Sometimes you need great angled cuts in tubing for either functional or aesthetic reasons. Our professional tube-notcher will create accurate notches in tubing up to three inches wide. Use them to build custom tailpipes, go-cart frames or roll cages that are strong and stylish. A notch and hole saw kit will let you prepare the tubes while also boring an angled hole. Bundle both with a tubing bender for a complete bracket and pipe solution.

Metal Fabrication Quality & Support

Whenever you're working with tubing, count on Eastwood for the right tools and accessories. Our 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee and knowledgeable tech advice are known throughout the industry. We want everyone to do the job right and will help you acquire the equipment and skills to do so.

What does your project call for? Contact us today by phone or email and tell us your idea. We'll help you find the best product for your needs. With Eastwood, you'll get the job done right and get your project out of the garage and on the road, where it belongs.