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Bench Vises

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Bench Vises for Auto Repair

Leave both hands free for difficult tasks by clamping your project with a heavy-duty bench vise. This holding device is popular among both metalworkers and carpenters who need a strong grip on objects. It consists of two parallel jaws and a turning handle to tighten them in place. You’ll be able to saw, drill, plane and sand metal confidently knowing it won’t slip or jostle.

Eastwood makes DIY workbench vises that are strong, dependable and affordable. We also stock dozens of utility vises from Yost and Wilton. Use them to clamp body panels, suspension parts, brake lines, bolt cleaners and anything else you’re working with. These vises are made of cast steel with either steel or aluminum jaws that secure the work piece without marring it.

The Best Bench Vise Solution

Many clamping options are available to make your shop more productive. Generally speaking, machinist bench vises bolt to the surface of your workbench while a woodworking bench vise clamps to the side. From there, you have several different sizes, from small 4-inch vises to our 8-inch utility vise. The general purpose vise has a standardized shape proven to hold most items — and it can also be used as an anvil. A combination pipe and bench vise has a second set of jaws for cylindrical shapes. The Yost 750-DI is one of our most advanced models with multiple rotating jaws and a swivel base. Clamp in style by getting a vise powder coated in blue, black, red or high-visibility yellow.

For assistance selecting the right workbench utility vise, call or email the Eastwood tech team. We use vises regularly in our personal shops and know which ones Do the Job Right. Visit the Eastwood Garage and search “bench vise” to see more ways you can make a bench vise part of your equipment arsenal. We offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on all purchases.