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Specialty Pliers

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Specialized Pliers for Mechanics

Clamp and twist with precision using an Eastwood pliers kit for automotive work. Every auto repair technician and restoration enthusiast will need some pliers in their toolbox. Although general-purpose pliers are fine for many tasks, other projects require a little something extra. These specialty pliers are designed to do one or two specific things in your shop — and do them better than any other tool.

We carry specialized automotive pliers that Do the Job Right with less stress. Some come directly from the Eastwood R&D guys, who develop pliers based on first-hand experience. Others are made by industry leaders Channellock, Powerbuilt and ATD Tools. Order a single set of pliers or fill your tool rack at affordable prices so you’re prepared for a barn find project.

Types of Specialty Pliers

Whatever you need to do on your car, there’s a set of pliers that will do it. Here are just some of the specialty plier kits we carry and what they’re commonly used for:

  • Welder’s pliers to grip and draw welding wires
  • Handheld tubing benders to form brake, fuel and transmission lines
  • Spring clamp pliers to remove these clamps commonly found on late model vehicles
  • Pinch-off pliers to close off coolant and power steering hoses
  • Stretching pliers to pull seat upholstery into place
  • Snap ring plier kits to remove and install snap rings
  • Adjustable parrot nose pliers to remove stripped fasteners or turn round piping

Click on a specialized plier set to learn more about what it does. We provide everything you need to make an informed decision, including product specs, safety recommendations, instruction PDFs and warranty details. If you still have questions, search the Eastwood Garage 24/7 or call us seven days a week at 1-800-343-9353. Eastwood is the leading supplier of hand tools and pliers for DIY mechanics with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on all purchases.