Suspension Tools

Suspension Tools

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Automotive Suspension Tools

Auto Suspension Tools

Suspension components undergo a lot of stress and pressure - and that's before upgrading the engine and tires. Instead of taking a chance with common garage tools for maintenance and repair, find the right suspension tool by shopping at Eastwood. Our tools will keep your car driving straight and true after every project (unless you're an oval track racer who wants to go left). Order front suspension tools from Fairmount Tools, QuickTrick, Fastrax and other brands along with tools we've developed in-house.

Suspension Kits

Instead of searching out every piece you need separately, save money and time by picking up a suspension tool kit. Eastwood has 4-in-1 ball joint kits for removing or installing most joints, pickle fork kits for separating joints and tie rods, bearing driver sets for inserting seals and adapter kits for setting toe. If your vehicle is pulling in an unwanted direction or the tire wear is off, use a portable alignment system to get the wheels pointed where you need them to go.

Specially-Designed Tools

Ordinary wrenches, hammers and pry bars aren't going to cut it with most suspension parts. Many of the suspension tools you see here are designed to do one or two specific tasks and be the absolute best at them. Once you've used our coil spring compressors, axle pullers, camber and caster gauges or U-joint tools, you won't be able to imagine shop work without them. We also have precision digital tire pressure gauges that read down to 0.1 PSI increments for when handling needs to be just right.

Ride Low or High with Expert Service

Our team realizes there are many car enthusiasts out there who haven't worked with these types of tools before. But with expert tips by phone, email or the Eastwood Garage, you'll be installing springs and replacing control arm bushings in no time. And if a tool just isn't working out for you, we'll take it back under the terms of our 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee!