Body Soldering - Lead-Free Kits

Body Soldering - Lead-Free Kits

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Body Soldering for Modern DIY

Before there was body filler, there was auto body solder. This material and method was the original way to repair cracks, plug rust spots and join body panels on their custom hot rods. If you're a retro body man who still prefers the old ways, then Eastwood has all the body solder supplies you need. This method of heating up the solder and spreading it around remains a stronger and more durable repair approach than modern plastic fills, and we will help you do it right with good tools and advice.

Safe Body Solder Materials

For decades, lead-based body solder was the only option for filling dents and holes - it's where the term "lead sled" came from. But in the present day, people know the potential dangers of lead. While Eastwood still carries auto body lead solder for those who want to do it old-school, many of our solder bars and sticks are now lead-free. This recently developed product is both safer and stronger. Leaded solder remains a little easier to work with if you take the necessary safety precautions, so choose wisely based on your preferences.

Supplies & Kits for Getting Started

You'll need more than just good solder to fix up your custom ride. Eastwood body soldering kits contain the essentials for any project, including solder, flux, shaping tools and an instructional DVD. Basic, standard and deluxe kits are available for different size projects. You can also buy tools and accessories separately. We make iron torches, paddles, body files, acid brushes, clamps and more for shaping and smoothing exactly the way you want.

Everything for Classic Body Filling

While our team is always innovating for new auto body challenges, we respect the old ways of doing things as well. Body soldering offers a number of advantages for those with the tools, skills and patience, and we are here to help you with all three. Count on our 40+ years of DIY experience whenever you need repair supplies and knowledge.