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Ford 302CI Engine 300HP Front Sump Complete
Only $4,430.99
VCM9 ATK Chevrolet 350 96-2000 Engine Long Block
VC08 ATK Chevrolet 350 64-77 Engine Long Block
VC09 ATK Chevrolet 350 64-77 4-Bolt Engine Long Block
VC11 ATK Chevrolet 350 79-85 Engine Long Block
VC12 ATK Chevrolet 350 79-85 4-Bolt Engine Long Block
VC13 ATK Chevrolet 350 78-80 Engine Long Block
VCH4 ATK Chevrolet 350 96-2000 Engine Long Block
VC15 ATK Chevrolet 350 78-80 4-Bolt Engine Long Block
VCM5 ATK Chevrolet 350 87-95 Engine Long Block
VCM6 ATK Chevrolet 350 87-95 Engine Long Block
DF13 ATK Ford 302 75-79 Engine Long Block
DCM6 ATK Chevrolet 350 87-95 2-Blt Engine Long Block
DF14 ATK Ford 302 78-80 Engine Long Block
DF15 ATK Ford 351W 77-87 Engine Long Block
DF16 ATK Ford 351W 75-76 Engine Long Block
DF46 ATK Ford 302 80-86 Engine Long Block
DF92 ATK Ford 351W 69-74 Engine Long Block
DFH2 ATK Ford 302 87-95 Engine Long Block
DFXD ATK Ford 302 68-74 Engine Long Block
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ATK Remanufactured Engines

If you’re restoring a classic car, muscle car or hot rod, it’s a good bet that the motor in it is going to be pretty tired — if it’s still working at all. ATK Engines has been a performance engine builder since 1946 and has an engine combination that will get your project car roaring again. Rebuilding an engine is fun for some, but exhausting and time-consuming for many others. By choosing ATK, you can get everything from a partial build to a drop-in powerplant that’s ready to hit the road or the track.

High-Performance Classic Car Powerplants

Order your new performance ATK engine from Eastwood and do the job right when it comes to power. Engines are available in three stages depending on your needs and budget. Their short block engine builds can upgrade your existing block or serve as the foundation for a new build. They contain the part of the cylinder block that sits between the head gasket and oil pan. A stage 2 long block ATK engine contains the full block along with the crankshaft, cylinder head and valve train. If you really just want to drop it in and drop the hammer, ATK stage 3 engines come complete right down to the spark plugs.

Fully Warrantied Engines for Restorations

ATK builds GM, Ford and Chrysler engines for all sorts of muscle cars. You can get everything from the Ford 302 HP79C to the Chevy 350 87-95 to fit your vehicle’s factory spec. Every remanufactured engine is fully disassembled, rebuilt and tested to make sure it performs as well as or better than the original factory specs. ATK was also the first builder to offer a warranty on part with that of new engines. Every ATK engine from Eastwood is guaranteed for 24 months with no mileage limit! We also provide free U.S. shipping on most ATK powerplants along with lifetime technical support from our DIY experts.