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Turbine HVLP Eastwood Paint Guns

Do professional-quality painting work in a small shop thanks to our airless automotive paint sprayer systems. A common lament of our customers is that they want a full-scale HVLP painting setup, but don’t have the space or power supply to run a 60- or 80-gallon air compressor. The turbine spray gun is a self-contained unit that eliminates the need for compressed air. A pressured pump and piston draw paint into the gun while the turbine provides air for atomization. Find testimonials from real users about the benefits of this system in the article ""Top 3 Reasons Eastwood Turbine HVLP Paint Gun is Better".

Airless Paint Sprayer for Cars

Make your auto painting fully portable with a turbine paint gun system from Eastwood. We offer multiple choices to fit your painting needs and budget. The Earlex Spray Station 5500 is an affordable HVLP airless sprayer for serious DIYers. It delivers 42 CFM of compressed air for an even spray while running off a standard 120V power supply. (Note a paint gun is not included with this system).

If you want the paint gun and much more, invest in the Eastwood All-in-One HVLP Turbine Spray System. The 5-stage motor produces up to 130 CFM of air for heavy-duty painting jobs. A Model 7500 HVLP Gravity Fed Paint Gun is already installed and ready for use. Both systems include a Teflon-coated paint cup, needle/nozzle set, air hose, power cord and other accessories.

Go Air-Free & Do the Job Right

Eastwood provides industry-leading service and support with every sale. Our customers receive lifetime tech support and 90-day returns on all painting equipment. The Eastwood Garage is filled with information about turbine HVLP systems, including our Turbine Paint Gun Q&A. Use this tech advice to confidently spray enamels, lacquers, high-build primers and any other finish with no air tank needed.

Turbine Paint Guns

Whether you are spraying ElastiWrap dip or a high end basecoat clearcoat paint job, the days of needing a huge 80 gallon air compressor to do it are over. HVLP paint spray guns, combined with dedicated turbine air systems give you a portable, all in one solution to your painting needs. Plus turbine air systems always provide clean, dry air to the gun and the pressure is consistent for better results. Perhaps the greatest feature for the home user of these spray systems is their nearly silent operation.