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Auto Body

Automotive Dent and Body Repair

No mechanic’s shop is complete without a selection of auto body repair supplies. That’s because the ways cars can be damaged are impossible to count. Among other things, there are dings, dents, bumps, blemishes, tears, rips, holes and breaks: All of these can develop in a variety of ways, from a slow decay to a sudden impact.

When we're talking about cars that are out of production, with parts that are getting increasingly hard to find, replacement often gets eliminated as an option. Repair is the only solution for many classic cars and custom street rods. Body shop technicians and home restoration experts know of many ways to fix those problems. The keys are knowing which solution is the best for a given job and having the correct bodywork tools to make them happen.

At Eastwood, we've been helping the DIY community bring their dreams to life in their home garages since 1978. Our selection of more than 4,000 products includes some of the best automotive body repair tools on the market. We'll help you bring professional-quality car body repair supplies to your home garage so you can get the job done right, no matter how big or small it is. With a 24/7 online store, catalog ordering by phone and an expanding network of brick-and-mortar locations, you’ll always find an Eastwood auto body supply near you.

Eastwood Auto Body Tools

When you have the right supplies at your disposal, you'd be amazed how often you can make a busted-up body panel look like it just rolled off the assembly line. Auto body repair tools from Eastwood are the solution when you need high-quality equipment to do show-worthy work. Shop today and find hundreds of hand tools, repair kits, compounds and accessories for healing your injured fenders or door skins.

We’re happy to assist with repairs of any size. From pulling small dents out of the doors to doing a full frame-off restoration, Eastwood is a one-stop shop. Some of our most popular auto body supply products include vehicle rotisseries, body panel removers and installers, block sanders and sound deadening panels. There’s more to a car than just metal, so be sure to check out automotive plastic and glass repair kits. Most tools can be taken on the go, which is great for racers or if you want to work on a car with a friend.

Fix Small Problems Fast

You shouldn't have to bring your car to a mechanic or paint shop because of a small blemish. Our dent repair section is full of ways you can pull out or fill small dents, from suction cup dent removers to punch sets. Body fillers, seam sealers, polishers, sandpaper and other accessories are perfect for when you're straightening out and repainting imperfections. In many cases, you don't even need to take a panel off the car to mend it. If the paint got scratched when the panel was popped, Eastwood is a leading auto body paint supply store with OEM finishes to do seamless touch-up.

Body Panel Tools & Supplies

If a repair requires a little more elbow grease, we have all-around and specialty auto body tools for your shop. Hammers and dollies are a common way to pound out dents from the inside of a panel. Fender rollers are a less common tool that does wonders for pushing out fenders on low riding cars. Door and interior repairs are particularly tough, but Eastwood has an entire section dedicated to each, with products such as door pin alignment kits and trim removers. Your work doesn’t end once the main repair is complete, either. Shop for auto care supplies such as polishers, dusters, detailing spray and waxing pads to maintain that like-new shine.

Learn from the DIY Experts

From installation and removal equipment to cleaning kits, Eastwood is the place to find automotive body repair tools that simply work. These tools come from the biggest brands and most trusted names in the industry such as Martin Tools, Steck, Fairmount, ATD and US Chemical. Plus, we have a full line of our own auto body supplies developed specifically for do-it-yourself applications. You can learn from the experts by calling our toll-free number or by browsing our selection of auto body repair books and videos to add to your library.

What do you need to fix? Contact us today and tell us about the job in front of you. Our staff of experts will point you in the right direction by showing you the best tools for the job and the best places to learn specific techniques. With Eastwood and our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, you'll get that repair completed successfully so you can hit the road again.