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Air Tool Accessories & Management

Owning an air compressor allows you to do things with tools and finishes that you never realized you could. But you need to effectively manage and harness that powerful air supply in order to get the most from it, or a project's success could be on life support. Eastwood carries the right air tool accessories and air management supplies so your shop will never be all out of air.

Air Filters & Dryers

Water, dirt and other impurities can get in your compressor over time and cause problems with paint finishes or tools. An air filter cleaner tool will stop these contaminants before they can start. We have large air filters and dryers for a shop's ventilation system and small ones that attach to the compressor. Replacement elements, desiccant refills and gauges will keep the filter running up to snuff.

Compressor Lines & Fittings

Air compressor fittings and accessories are necessary for hooking pneumatic tools to the air source. Shop today and find couplers, connector tubes, hose elbows and other fittings in all shapes and sizes. Eastwood stocks a selection of tough air hoses and reels for managing them when not in use. With Fast Pipe kits, you can quickly plumb a larger shop so you can use your compressor at multiple workstations.

Regulators & Lubricators

In order to get the best results, you need the right air pressure - especially when you're painting. An air tool regulator can adjust PSI at the source or at the line end where your paint gun connects. Some of our regulators double as filters so the resulting air is both clean and finely tuned. Adding a lubricator will automatically oil your lines as well so they keep working as intended.

Service with No Wasted Air

Quality air compressor accessories will help your tools work better and last longer. And since we provide free tech advice will all of our products, you'll have a place to turn if you ever run into any problems. Select a category to see what's available!


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