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Switch "on the fly" between soda and abrasive media...or combine!
Only $399.99
2-in-1 blaster works with as little as 10 cfm at 90 psi
Only $213.99
USA-made 2-in-1 blaster works with as little as 10 cfm at 90 psi
Only $739.99
Our most affordable soda/abrasive blaster has 50-lb. media capacity
Only $213.99
USA-made portable soda blaster includes 1/8" nozzle, 100-lb. capacity
Only $1,999.99
Try soda blasting on smaller jobs, without a big investment

Starting at: $56.98

USA-made portable soda blaster includes 3/32" nozzle, 10-lb. capacity
Only $399.99
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Soda Blasting

Abrasive Soda Blasting Systems

Factory sheet metal is thinner and more malleable than other parts of your car, and the media in a regular pressure blaster can wreak havoc on its texture and appearance. Soda blasters replace regular abrasive materials with good old baking soda. With one of these machines, you can cook up your own storm in the garage as you strip paint, carbon and light rust. An Eastwood soda blaster is the smart choice for delicate body panel, glass or chrome stripping jobs where you need a softer touch.

Soda Blasters for Auto Work

Choose from several sheet metal blasters that are made from heavy-duty steel. Our standard blaster holds up to 50 pounds of baking soda powder and includes an 8-foot blast hose, multiple nozzles, a pressure gauge and wheels. For metal stripping on the go, get one of our portable soda pressure blasters that come in low- and high-capacity models. Our intro soda blasting kit is a great way to try out the technique before you spend the money on a full-size unit.

Dual-Blaster Machines

Many of our soda blaster units actually double as small pressure blasters. With these assemblies, you can empty out the soda blast media and replace it with a traditional abrasive blast media at half the soda-rated capacity. We also make a blaster with two separate tanks that you can switch between or combine as you work. Having a dual media blaster gives you the capability to do small jobs on chassis parts or windows as well as regular body panel stripping. For many DIYers, a combo unit is all they'll need for their projects!

Premium Rust & Paint Removal

With an Eastwood soda blaster, you'll never have to worry about warping and etching when you're removing old coatings. They work great on sheet metal, mild steel, fiberglass, aluminum and other thinner materials that would cave under a regular sandblaster. Order yours today from the DIY automotive leader and have the tools you need for fast metal stripping.

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