Oil Eater Orange Cleaner/Degreaser 32oz Spray

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Made in the USA
Oil Eater Orange Cleaner/Degreaser 32oz Spray
Oil Eater® Orange Cleaner easily cleans the toughest jobs
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Oil Eater® Orange Cleaner is a ZERO VOC, highly concentrated, water based alkaline cleaner enhanced with the boosted solvency of citrus. This advanced cleaning system has been designed specifically to out perform conventional cleaners on adhesives, driveways, machinery, stoves, barbecues, carpets, even walls and tile while remaining versatile, powerful and safe.

Oil Eater® Orange Cleaner easily cleans the toughest jobs. Special corrosion preventative solution is tested safe and effective. You can use it indoors or out without the worry of overwhelming odors or toxic residue. Simply spray or wipe it on and rinse the surface clean. Only the fresh orange scent remains.


Orange Cleaner / 32 oz. Trigger Spray Bottle



Oil Eater® Orange uses a combination of non-petroleum solvents to dissolve the toughest of cleaning challenges. These solvents act to loosen and remove adhesive, grease and resin soils from surfaces. Once these soils are removed they are simply rinsed away with water.

Surface Tension Reduction

Oil Eater® Orange uses specially formulated, readily biodegradable surfactants to lower the surface tension of the water and to penetrate both water soluble and oil soluble soils. Once the surface tension of the water is lowered, more thorough contact of the soiled surface by the cleaner is achieved.

Coupling Ability

Oil Eater® Orange is a very strong coupler. With this capability and its inherent cleaning power, Orange works to pull oil and water soluble dirt from the soiled surface. Oil Eater’s unique emulsification properties cause the coupling of oil soluble dirt and water. This action keeps the soil suspended in the cleaning solution preventing the redeposit of the soils on the surface being cleaned.

Built for Strength

Oil Eater® Orange uses highly refined chemicals known as builders to improve cleaning strength. These inorganic materials work to disperse solid soils and enhance water softening.


Oil Eater® Orange is a highly alkaline product. This means that the pH of Oil Eater is above 7.0. Alkalinity is essential to cleaning fats and oils. It works to breakup these soils into small particles. This then allows the other cleaning actions of Oil Eater® to perform more efficiently.

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