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Multitool Metal Working Belt and Disk Starter Kit

Item #20673 Brand: Multitool

Belt and Disk Starter Kit for Metal working Buffing and Polishing
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Everything you need to get started metal working, buffing or polishing with your 2 x 36 Multitool. Includes all of the belts, abrasives and compounds needed for every job.

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Four bar combination buffing compound set
Talc Polishing Belt (T-SC) (2 x 36)
Trizact Assorted 3pk (A80-220 grit, A45-400 grit, A16-1200 grit) 2 x 36
Assorted 7 Inch Abrasive Disks 3 pk (40, 80, 150 grit)
3M Alumina Zirconia Assorted Belts (40, 80, 120 grit) 2 x 26


Always wear ANSI approved ear, eye, and hand safety equipment when using this type of power tool.

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