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  • How to Cure Powder

    Powder Coating is a simple process when you break it down. A static charge causes the powder to stick to the part and you cook it to perfection? Right?! Well it isn't quite that simple as a number of factors can cause your powder job to fail if you aren't careful. The #1 reason for a poor powder finish is improper prep of the part before powder coating. The second is application, and the third is curing the powder. We often get calls and emails about trying to find work-arounds for curing powder at home. I decided to list some of the methods we've been asked about and the methods we prefer.
  • Tricks of the Trade- Paint and Clear Touch Up Tools

    Fixing issues in the body of a car are easy when the body is still in bare metal. It's just metal; cut, replace, repair, weld and it can be made flawless again. Once your vehicle is painted it's not so easy. Whether you just finished the paint job or it's been painted for a while; paint repair is a stressful task! We decided to put together a list of our must-have paint touch up tools/accessories that work well for us.
  • When to Use Each Type of Primer

    When it comes to doing body work, priming, and painting a car it can all be a bit overwhelming to decide on which products to use. There's countless choices just in body filler and primers alone before you even get to choosing color. A good paint job starts with a good base and no project should have subpar primer. We decided to give a quick breakdown of each primer so that you may more easily make your decision when laying the ground work for your paint job.
  • Top High Temp Paints and Coatings

    One of the biggest eye sores on a vehicle can be the areas that are exposed to high temps during operation. Exhaust tubing, Headers, Firewalls, cylinder heads, block, etc. can all become ugly quick with the extreme temperature changes they experience when running the engine. Some of these can be easily be spruced up, but choosing the correct coating for each spot on the vehicle can be crucial to how long those parts will stay nice. We decided to put together a list of our favorite high temp paints and coatings and where they are best used.
  • The First 5 Fabrication Tools for Beginners

    With Fabrication and Metal Shaping tools becoming more affordable and more accessible more entry level guys and gals are adding fabrication tools to their home shop. Sure the giant industrial tools all the pros have are great and drool-worthy, but there's some basic tools every one of those pros also have that they still use regardless of the size of their shop or tool collection. We decided to put our top 5 must-have fabrication tools together every beginner should consider when just starting out.

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