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Top 5 Tools to Remove Stuck and Broken Bolts

Broken bolts and hardware is the bane of a classic car enthusiasts existence. It can ruin your day if they are bad. We have found that some methods are better than others for removing broken bolts. The process and time it takes to remove the old broken hardware depends on how delicate the area is that you’re removing the broken bolt from. Sometimes you can’t use heat because of rubber, plastic, or paint surrounding the area or others you surrounding area is a heavy cast piece of metal you can use the power of fire and heat. Read below for our favorite tools to help remove broken bolts and screws in metal. 

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Why you need a Contour SCT!!!

  The Contour SCT has been one of our favorite designs over the years.  Designed in house by our R&D department for ultimate versatility and durability. Backed by an industrial 9 amp motor ensures all the power you need when you need it.  Select from 1000-3700 RPM to perfectly match […]

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Why a scroll compressor??

If you have ever worked in a shop you’ll undoubtedly know how loud standard compressors can be.  Especially when left without proper maintenance over the years.  Scroll and screw compressors have been out on the market for years but always at untouchable prices for your average homeowner. Early this year […]

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How to choose a blast cabinet!!

While we sell five different models of blast cabinets here at Eastwood, I’m going to concentrate on three.  These three are best suited for the DIY hobbyist especially when space is a premium.              I’ll work left to right in reference to the pictures above […]