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How to Paint a Bumper Using Single Stage Paint

If you’ve ever wondered whether you can use single-stage paint to make a body repair, this video might help. Eastwood product manager Ryan shows how he repaints the rear bumper on his GTI using Eastwood’s single-stage OEM Select paint.

Unlike base coat/clear coat paint systems, this single-stage paint incorporates the clear into the color. This means less material to purchase and less time prepping and painting. However, this particular color (Shadow Blue Metallic, code D5Q) requires a blue undercoat, which is applied first.

Watch as Ryan preps the original part, lays down the undercoat, and applies the single-stage paint. Afterward, he discusses how to deal with flaws, dirt, and color-matching concerns.

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  1. Hello Great how to video for auto painting. I am wondering however at what point do you add the Flex additive for flexible componlike the bumper cover, so the paint does not Crack? Thx in advance for your response!