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Eastwood Rust Remover for Cars

Get metal car parts ready to shine on the road again with our collection of rust-removing solutions. It’s inevitable that most project cars — especially those found in a junkyard or barn — will have some rusted parts and hardware. Unfortunately, replacing or making fresh parts is often easier said than done. With the right tools, you can strip away this rust and make use of the fresh metal beneath for your restoration. Eastwood has a large selection of in-house DIY rust removers and also carries products from 3M and Thread Wizard for your shop.

Rust Removal Tools

Depending on where the iron oxide is and how bad it’s gotten, there are many ways to get rid of it. For surface rust, our chemical rust remover solutions will Do the Job Right. Reusable Eastwood Rust Dissolver gently takes off rust without eating the metal. Simply submerge the part in liquid or brush on the gel and let it sit for 24 hours. Fast Etch spray does the same while leaving a protective zinc phosphate coating.

If time is a factor or you have a tougher rust problem, use the Eastwood Contour SCT® Surface Conditioning Tool. This patent-pending metal de-ruster, along with our cleaning and stripping discs, is a body mechanic’s best friend for removing paint and rust. An assortment of drums and bands along with the adjustable tool settings help you dial things in for the project needs. Other tools include wire drill brushes for working inside parts and thread cleaners to get fasteners shining again.

Restore Old Metal Fast

Keep more of your original project car intact by getting rid of rust using these practical tools. They’re backed by generous warranties and our free lifetime technical support. If you have questions about which rust removing tools are best for your needs, visit the Eastwood Garage online or call us seven days a week at 1-800-343-9353.