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GearWrench® 82260 12oz Soft Hammer w/ Replaceable Faces

Item #70130 Brand: GearWrench

Just enough "give" to avoid ruining delicate workpieces


Use this GearWrench® Soft-Face Hammer for light assembly applications where you need to keep the workpiece in top condition GearWrench's 2-faced Soft Hammer provides protection while working on delicate applications, with just enough "give" to avoid ruining the workpiece.
  • 12-oz.
  • Protective polyurethane faces
  • Harder face (gray) on 1 side
  • Softer face (yellow) on the other
  • Steel handle with comfort grip

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About GearWrench® 82260 12oz Soft Hammer w/ Replaceable Faces

When your workpiece requires a softer touch, this GearWrench Soft-Face Hammer gets the job done with 2 polyurethane faces: one harder, one softer; both are replaceable. 1-1/8"-diameter face. Rubber comfort grip. Imported.


GearWrench Soft Hammer


Always wear appropriate eye protection.


GearWrench® hand tools are warranted for life to be free of defects in material and workmanship. Carrying cases, pouches, accessory bits and consumable products, if any, are not covered by this warranty. If any GearWrench® hand tool purchased at Eastwood, when used for its intended purpose, fails to give you complete satisfaction, please contact Apex Tool Group Consumer Division at (888) 757-1812 for free replacement or return.

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