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Iwata Compact Air Control Valve AK1B2

Item #15036 Brand: Iwata

The AK1B valve is ideal for spray guns ranging from 0-60 PSI for better air flow control.


The AK1B paint gun air adjusting valve from Iwata will let you take control of airflow.

This 8130 model consists of a simple air adjusting knob design that ensures durability with precise air inlet pressure adjusting.

  • EPA-compliant gauge to 40 CFR standard
  • Consistent air flow
  • Non-slip control knob
  • Easy to read gauge ranging from 0-60 PSI
The AK1B Air Flow Valve will help you maintain efficiency and consistent air flow with your spray guns.

About Iwata Compact Air Control Valve AK1B2

The AK1B2 Compact Air Flow Control Valve from Iwata helps you control the level of airflow used in a spray paint gun. This compact model has a simple air adjusting, non slip control knob to control the air pressure, and the gauge is EPA compliant to 40 CFR. It also includes an easy to read mounted gauge that shows you 0 140 psi with colored ranges to identify the correct position of the pressure. The valves are manufactured from steel and feature NPT inlets and outlets for easy installation.


Always wear eye, skin and respiratory protection when painting. Paint in a well ventilated area away from open flame. Constult Product information sheet for proper safety and equipment usage.

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