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Sta Bil Marine Treatment 32 oz 22240

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Improves marine engine performance year-’round and for storage


Marine Formula Sta-Bil® improves marine engine performance year-’round and for seasonal storage.

Marine engines need special fuel treatment and Marine Sta-Bil® does the job with 4X the fuel system cleaner and 2X the corrosion preventer as in regular Sta-Bil! Protects against the damaging effects experienced when using Ethanol-blended fuels.

  • 32-oz. bottle treats up to 320 gallons
  • Prevents corrosion from moisture and ethanol-induced water attraction
  • Self-measuring bottle—just squeeze

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About Sta Bil Marine Treatment 32 oz 22240

Marine formula STA BIL contains double the corrosion inhibitor than original STA BIL, which is important in open fuel systems, such as those found in boats, lawnmowers and snowmobiles. Open fuel systems vent to the air and continually attract water from the air. This became especially true since the introduction of ethanol blended gasoline that attracts water. When water is introduced into a fuel system it can cause corrosion damage to fuel tanks, fuel lines, carburetors and injectors. Marine formula STA BIL will protect your engine against these damaging problems. 32 ounces treats up to 80


32 fluid ounces


For best results the fuel tank should be filled 95% with fresh fuel. If possible, add Sta Bil before filling the tank, this ensures mixing of the additive. Run engine for 5 minutes to ensure treated fuel makes its way to the carburetor or fuel injectors.


Always wear skin and eye protection when using this product. Use in a well ventilated area. Keep away from open flame and spark. Seal bottle tightly when storing. Store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight


Made in USA