Motorized Tubing Bender: Setup & Benefits vs. a Manual Bender

The Eastwood Tubing Roller Motorized Tube Roller Kit is designed to allow convenient, effortless foot control of the Tube Roller with the addition of a powerful gear motor and rugged spur gear drive. Forward and reverse motion is controlled by a switch and foot pedal.


  • - Motor and Gear Drive
  • - 30-Tooth Spur Gear
  • - Foot Pedal
  • - On/Off Switch – Forward/Reverse Switch
  • - Gear Drive Safety Shield (not shown)
  • - Chain Drive Safety Shield (not shown)
  • - Instructions

A WORD ON SAFETY: Fingertips can be pinched between rollers causing painful injury so please keep hands at a safe distance from the roller dies when forming tubing. Metal edges can be very sharp and as always, suitable work gloves are recommended to prevent cuts.

DO NOT operate without included chain and gear guards in place as fi ngers, hair, clothing or skin can be caught and pulled into the rotating gears or chain, causing serious and painful injuries.

DO NOT allow unauthorized persons to operate the power unit and ALWAYS unplug power cord when not in use to prevent accidental starting of the Motorized Power Unit.

When forming tubing, DO NOT overtighten the jackscrew or severe damage to the unit will occur. The machine works by slowly forming a curve in tubing by making multiple passes back and forth while tightening down on the jackscrew in small increments (1/8 turn per pass is usually sufficient, do not exceed 1⁄4 turn per pass).
As resistance increases near the end of travel of each forming pass, STOP by releasing the foot pedal, reverse switch and continue in the opposite direction of travel. Failure to stop and reverse direction will cause damaging stress to the drive gears and motor assembly.

Setup For Powdered Tubing Roller

  1. 1. Using a 7/16 wrench, remove the 1⁄4-20 grade 8 capscrew and large washer form the end of the driven shaft and place it to the side.

  2. 2. If installed, remove the large handwheel from the longer drive shaft.

  3. 3. Slip the 30 tooth spur gear over the longer drive shaft being careful to locate the set screw over one of the four fl ats near the end of the shaft. Using a 1/8” hex key, tighten the set screw securely.

  4. 4. Replace the 1⁄4-20 grade 8 capscrew and washer.

  5. 5. Position the Motorized Power Unit so that the small 12 tooth drive gear is parallel to and meshed with the previously installed 30 tooth driven gear on the driveshaft.

  6. 6. Using an appropriate center punch or marker through the 7/16” holes in the Motorized Power Unit base, mark the mounting hole locations on a solid, secure work surface and drill four 3/8” holes. A heavy work bench is highly recommended for the safest and most efficient operation.

  7. 7. Mount the Motorized Power Unit to the work surface with appropriate hardware (not included). Note: 3/8” bolts with washers are recommended.

  8. 8. If not previously mounted, through the slotted holes in the Tube Roller base, mark and drill four 1/2” holes then mount to the work surface with appropriate hardware (not included). Note: 1/2” bolts with washers are recommended. Be sure to also attach the Chain Safety Guard at this time utilizing the slotted holes.

  9. 9. Locate the Gear Drive Safety Shield over the meshed gears, mark and drill mounting holes in the work surface and securely attach the guard to the work surface with appropriate screws (not included).


Please refer to the #21701 Eastwood Tubing Roller Instructions for complete operation procedures.

  • Become fully familiar with the “Forward” and “Reverse” directions of your Motorized Tubing Roller and the sensitivity of the foot pedal switch before attempting to form tubing.

  • The multiple gear reduction will allow the motor to feed the tubing through the forming dies. As the tube reaches the end of the formed area and transitions into a straight section, the motor will strain. Release the foot pedal at this point stopping the movement and using the “Forward” and “Reverse” switch, reverse the direction of travel.