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  • Martin Complete Hammer And Dolly Set 13 Piece

    Martin Complete Hammer And Dolly Set 13 Piece

    Item #31111 Brand: Martin Tools

    Martin Tools set includes 4 hammers,
    3 dollies, 2 spoons and more


    For body and fender work, you're all set with this 13-Pc. Professional Hammer and Dolly Set Professionals use Martin tools for a reason. Find out for yourself when you use this complete metalworking Hammer and Dolly Set.
    • 4 Martin® Hammers
    • 3 Martin® Dollies
    • 2 Martin® Spoons
    • Flexible file with holder
    • Metal-bumping book

    About Martin Complete Hammer And Dolly Set 13 Piece

    Perhaps a little on the expensive side, but these tools are built to be around for your great grandkids! You get the most commonly used hammers, dollies and spoons to help you tackle any metal-shaping project...for many years to come (click on "Contents" tab).


    31034 Cross Chisel Shrinking Hammer
    31040 Door Skin Hammer
    31033 General-Purpose Dinging Hammer
    31035 General-Purpose Pick Hammer
    31037 Spoon Dolly
    31083 Shrinking Dolly
    31039 Toe Dolly
    31032 General-Purpose Dolly
    31036 Light Dinging Spoon
    31038 Long Curved Spoon
    31072 Flexible File
    File Holder
    31063 "Key to Metal Bumping" Book


    31035A Replacement Hickory Handle

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