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Aluma Blast®: The Appearance of Fresh Cast Aluminum in a Convenient Paint

Trying to duplicate the original appearance of cast aluminum automotive parts can be a challenge. Eastwood's Aluma Blast paint's natural low 4-15% gloss is specially formatted to replicate the natural look of a fresh aluminum casting. An acrylic lacquer, Eastwood's Aluma Blast paint is the perfect coating for intake manifolds and transmission housings, as well as numerous other underhood and drive train parts.

Resistance to temperatures of up to 250° F provides superior protection, so coated metal parts will keep that brand new look for a long time. Available in aerosols and quarts, one aerosol can of Aluma Blast covers 6 square feet and one quart covers 50 square feet.

The Eastwood Company is proud to offer a wide range of automotive tools and supplies for hobby and professional applications. For more information on The Eastwood Company, their products, or to request a free copy of their full-color catalog, go to