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Soft Sanders 6-Pack

Item #19311 Brand: Style-Line

6 foam sanding blocks with
different hardnesses and profiles


Six blocks of three different densities vary in firmness and yet all are soft enough to be distorted or compressed into places that are hard to sand.

  • Every single curve and surface on each block has been designed for a purpose
  • Soft, rounded edges virtually eliminate gouging. Blocks glide over varying surface levels like a car wash mitt without flipping over
  • Zero-fatigue blocks are super lightweight and designed to be comfortable no matter how you hold them
  • Blocks are soft & pliable yet extremely durable plus they are resistant to most solvents
  • Tapered edges of blocks allow you to sand up to and underneath those hard-to-access areas
  • Corner-N’-Cove™ block with its offset handle allows for a clear view of the surface being sanded

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About Soft Sanders 6-Pack

If you've every tried to sand the style lines in bodywork with a folded up piece of sand paper you know how easy it is to loose the sharpness of the details. These closed cell foam blocks are molded in 3 different hardness, in a wide range of profiles, to fit most detail sanding needs. Tapered round edges prevent gouging. Pliable and durable. Kit also included 3 sheets of sandpaper 80, 120, 180 grit and an instructional DVD.Made in USA.

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