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TIG Collet Body 3/32in

Item #13484 Brand: Eastwood

Replacement 3/32" collet body for Eastwood's TIG200 Welder


Replacement Collet Body for #17, #18 and #20 TIG Welder Torches. 3/32" size for use with 3/32" tungsten electrode and collet. This collet body is use on the Eastwood 12476 and 14100 TIG Welders with the WP17 Torch.

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About TIG Collet Body 3/32in

This is not compatible with the optional 20167 Eastwood #9 Mini TIG Weld Torch.


(1) 3/32" Collet Body


TIG Welding replacement / Consumable Part


When welding always wear hand, head and body protection to reduce the chance of injury from sparks, radiation, or electrical shock. Always wear a helmet with a lens shade number of 12 or higher. Use either ventilation or a respirator to keep welding fumes from the user.

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