Maxx Power Eastwood Tri-Flow Radiators reduce engine temps up to 24 degrees. Triple cooling technology reduces water temps up to 24 degrees over standard radiators. 3 times the cooling, efficiency and circulation. Run your ride at 168-180 degrees in traffic all day!
Radiator Overheating? The biggest obstacle facing performance engines is overheating. Independent lab tests show Tri-Flow Radiators lowered engine temps on LS motors and chevy small block engines up to 24 degrees. Best performing, highest heat transfer, and most feature-packed rediator on the market.
Maxx Power Tri-Flow Radiator 22inch wide radiator - Item number 20150
$170.97 BUY NOW
Maxx Power Tri-Flow Radiator 25.5inch wide radiator - Item number 20151
$170.97 BUY NOW
Maxx Power Tri-Flow Radiator 27.5inch wide radiator - Item number 20152
$170.97 BUY NOW
Tri-Flow Radiator compatible Shrouds, Electric Fans, Fan Controllers, and Transmission Coolers available at Eastwood Company.

Radiator Essentials

Fan Shrouds:

Item #20296   For 22" Tri-Flow Radiator   ONLY $69.99   ADD TO CART

Item #20297   For 26" Tri-Flow Radiator   ONLY $69.99   ADD TO CART

Item #20298   For 28" Tri-Flow Radiator   ONLY $69.99   ADD TO CART

Electric Fans:

Item #20243   16" Electric Fan 2175CFM for shroud #20297 and #20298   ONLY $144.99   ADD TO CART

Item #20244   14" Electric Fan 1230CFM for shroud #20296   ONLY $104.99   ADD TO CART

Transmission Cooler:

Item #20245   Improves Transmission Performance   ONLY $54.99   ADD TO CART

Fan Controller:

Item #20246   Screw-in Probe   ONLY $64.99   ADD TO CART

Item #20247   Push-in Probe   ONLY $64.99   ADD TO CART

Maxx Power is a core supplier of automotive restoration high performance OEM aftermarket products.
Maxx Power is an automotive performance supplier and brand distributed exclusively by the Eastwood Company. Products such as performance alternators, starters, ignition distributors and now the new “Tri Flow radiators” have been the core leaders and trusted name for many years in the Maxx Power product line. Eastwood has been offering these high performance products to our customers for the last 6 years and will continue to offer innovative Maxx Power products as they are developed.