Pro Stud Welders

Conventional dent pullers require that you drill a series of holes in the sheet metal to make your dent repair, but that can weaken the panel. Stud welding makes more sense. Our stud welder systems each have a stud gun welder that spot-welds a series of pins onto the surface of the dented metal. Then use a slide puller to pull the pins that pull the dent out. Once the dent has been repaired, simply snip off the pins, then grind off the remainder. The result is a professional-looking dent repair that requires minimal filler. Our welding supplies include additional draw pins and replacement parts.

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Spot-weld the pins, pull pins to pull-out dent, snip and grind them down
Only $259.99
Utilizes a wider range of draw pins for greater versatility
Only $369.99
Includes robust 2,000-amp stud welder gun to help repair dents fast
Only $399.99
Fraction-of-a-second "power on" to do the job with minimal heat spread
Only $499.99
Powerful transformer operates efficiently in high-demand situations
Only $549.99
Transform your MIG welder into a stud welder - save money!

Starting at: $10.69

Grips dent-pulling studs so you can pull them out without slipping
Only $89.99
Pulls-out minor dings, dents precisely; works with 2.0 to 2.6mm pins
Only $34.99
Fits most stud welders, and fits 2.0 and 2.5mm pins
Only $9.99
For use with our stud welder dent-pulling systems
Only $19.99
For use with our stud welder dent-pulling systems
Only $19.99
Works with your stud welder to quickly weld trim-retaining clips
Only $20.99
Lower minor "high" spots without using a torch
Only $9.99
Allows you to pull four or five pins at one time
Only $79.99
Use with our stud welder dent-pulling systems
Only $19.99
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