Auto Twirler Resto Rotisserie


    Why use a Restoration Rotisserie?

    • A higher quality restoration can be performed on a vehicle that is mounted on an Auto Twirler
    • Easy access to difficult to reach areas
    • Great for abrasive blasting, welding, painting the underside, & other difficult restoration tasks
    • Versatile - Adjustable to fit almost any vehicle
    • Safe & efficient.
    • 1-year manufacturer's warranty
    • Made in USA

    In the auto restoration industry, you will commonly hear reference to "Body Off Restorations", "Frame Off Restorations", & "Rotisserie Restorations". These terms usually denote high quality restorations. With a Restortion Rotisserie, you will be able to perform a top-notch restoration.

    Restoration Rotisserie Standard Model

    Benefits & Features

    • Rotate any vehicle a complete 360 degrees with a slight push of the hand.
    • Adaptable to almost any car.
    • Reinforced phenolic casters, center bars & center support that extends to 18'.
    • Gussets and braces are fully welded for extra strength and stability.
    • Holds up to 3000 lbs.
    • Adjustable for length, width and balancing.
    • Available in Blue Powdercoat Finish or Bare Metal.
    • Powdercoated finish resists rust and corrosion.
    • No assembly required.
    • Self-standing ends allow for uncomplicated vehicle attachment.
    • Easily stored when not in use

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    Restoration Rotisserie Plus Model

    Benefits - All of the features of the Standard Model

    • Two hydraulic lifts that raise the body from 18" up to working height for easier loading.
    • Adjustable work height.
    • Acme thread jack screws center the load (allows for easy setting of center of gravity)
    • Heavy duty jacks with a slow release mechanism allow for safe load lowering.

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    See the Rotisserie in action!

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