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Eastwood 1/2 HP Buff Motor

Item #13542 Brand: Eastwood

1/2-HP, 3450-rpm buffer's extended
shaft allows more working area


High-quality 1/2-HP Buff Motor is the easily affordable unit rugged enough for everyday use 1/2-HP Buffer runs at 3450 rpm for buffing metal or plastics.
  • Extended length and balanced shafts offer more work space around wheel
  • Cast housing and base assure smooth operation, extended bearing life
  • Use with 6"-8"-dia. buffs (see "Accessories" tab)

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About Eastwood 1/2 HP Buff Motor

5/8"-diameter shaft fits buffing wheels with 1/2" soft-center arbor holes. Overall actual width is 22-3/4". Shaft extends 6-3/4" beyond the bell-shaped sealed motor housing. 110v AC. CE-approved. One year Eastwood warranty. Imported.


Click here for Buffing Instructions


13162 Stand
13125 Buffing Kit (6")
11923, 11928, 11926, 11927, 11925 Buffing Compounds (3-pack of 1-lb. bars)
13134, 13136, 13135, 13001, 13137 Buffing Compounds (one 13- to 18-oz. tube)


Wear appropriate ANSI-approved safety eye protection, ANSI-approved hearing protection, 14" or longer leather gloves, and ANSI-approved respiratory protection.

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