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Eastwood Pneumatic Rotary Removal Tool

Item #30216 Brand: Eastwood

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The Eastwood Pneumatic Rotary Removal Tool is a powerful air tool that will effectively remove rust, paint, decals and more.

The180 degree adjustable handle allows you to get into anywhere. Variable speed control for any application. This tool comes with a variety of accessories that will help you perform a wide range of tasks. It comes in a blow molded case, and contains the following accessories:

  • 1 Eraser Wheel
  • 1 Cleaning Disc Wheel
  • 1 Fine Wire Wheel
  • 1 Medium Wire Wheel
  • 1 Course Wire Wheel

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About Eastwood Pneumatic Rotary Removal Tool

Eastwood's Pneumatic Rotary Removal Tool offers an all-in-one tool that can remove rust, paint and decals from a vehicle's body or undercarriage. This tool operates at a maximum of 3500 RPM at 90 psi which will give you the power needed to perform a wide range of tasks. The Removal Tool and all of the accessories are included in a convenient carrying case, along with a ¼”air inlet fitting.


Kit contains one rotary removal tool, 3 wire wheel bands, one wire wheel hub, one decal eraser wheel, one stripping wheel, one hub screw hex key and one spare hub screw. All is enclosed in a blow molded case


30544 replacement decal eraser wheel
30545 30546 replacement wire wheel bands
30547 replacement wire wheel hub
30549 replacement stripping wheel


Always wear proper eye, hearing and hand protection when using this tool. A approved NIOSH breathing apparatus is also recommended when using this tool due to airborne debris.


Made in Taiwan, 1 year warranty


Rust removal, paint removal, seam sealer removal, decal removal, general surface prep

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