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Eastwood Bench Top English Wheel

Sheet Metal Panels

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Even sprays household paints and Plasti Dip products
Only $69.99
12 inch Plastic Stir Sticks 100 box
Only $69.99
12 inch Wooden Stir Sticks 1000 box
Only $89.99
6 inch Body Filler Spreaders 50 Box
Only $34.99
4 inch Body Filler Spreaders 50 Box
Only $19.99
2 inch Body Filler Spreaders 100 Box
Only $26.99
Eddie Paul Basic Steel Flares
Only $39.99
Gen X Black Asp welding helmet
Only $109.99
Covers everything from getting started, to common problems and solutions, and advanced techniques
Only $19.99
The foundation to a great paint job
Only $169.99
Eastwood 18 lb tumbler
Only $199.99
Not just another wipe on coating! A long term plastic restoration solution.
Only $29.99
The Eastwood 3/8” Twin Hammer Composite Impact Wrench is the perfect power package for those stubborn seized bolts.
Only $59.99
Eastwood's ElastiWrap™ Kit has everything you need to dip any size of recreational vehicle.
ElastiWrap™ takes removable coatings to a whole new level! Our flexible rubber coating is High Build so you Need Less and resists higher temperatures than similar products.

Starting at: $9.99

Eastwood and Devilbiss' PLUS Paint Gun is ideal for big auto body paint jobs
Only $299.99
Body Filler Spreader Assortment 2in 4in and 6 in
Only $4.99
Eddie Paul Body Panel Alignment
Only $39.99
VHT High temp Black Wrinkle Aerosol SP201
Only $9.99
Withstands up to 500 degrees F
Only $109.99
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