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Eastwood Soda Blast Retrofit Kit on Clarke Pressure Blaster
Eastwood Soda Blast Retrofit Kit on ALC Pressure Blaster
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Soda Blasting - The Better Way to Remove Paint - Eastwood Makes it Affordable

POTTSTOWN, PA - October 19, 2007: The Eastwood Company, an international supplier of unique automotive products, is pleased to announce their line of environmentally friendly Soda Blasters and Soda Blast Conversion kits for popular abrasive blasters. Blasting with Bicarbonate Soda has long been preferred by professional shops because it removes the paint without warping or damaging the base metal, glass or trim, so little disassembly and masking is needed. Plus (unlike abrasive blasting) the Bicarbonate Soda residue prevents corrosion from forming on steel for up to 6 weeks and longer with inside dry storage.

Commercial soda blasters use vast amounts of air, but Eastwood's efficient design allows the home enthusiast to soda blast with as little as 7 cfm at 80 psi with greater precision and control. Plus since soda blasting doesn't remove rust, the Eastwood soda blasters can be quickly converted to blast with standard or other more aggressive media to clean up rusty areas.

Eastwood's Research and Development team has developed a versatile 2-in-1 soda and standard abrasive blaster (EW#50095) that requires a small compressor generating 6 CFM at 80 to 125 PSI to operate. Priced under $250 and weighing approximately 43 lbs, it stores up to 100 lbs of soda media. Less time can be spent refilling tanks for multi-purpose jobs. Eastwood also offers a 110 lb Professional unit (EW#50096) designed for the heavy-duty.

For those who already own a standard abrasive blaster, a retrofit kit offers the ability to transform an existing unit into a dual soda/abrasive option. The owner can switch to either mode causing no harm to the blaster. It takes only about 15 minutes to convert the units back to abrasive blasting. The individual Retrofit Kits are designed to be compatible with Clarke®, BRUT™, ALC™ and Harbor Freight® Pressure Blasters from 50 lbs to 300 lbs units, with 3/8" (EW#50093) to 1/2" (EW#50094) NPT Fittings, U.S. Patent Pending and priced under $130.

Soda blasting is:

  • Environmentally safe way to remove coatings; EPA & OSHA Approved
  • Will not harm glass, chrome or warp the base metal
  • Safe for removing coatings from steel, aluminum, fiberglass and more
  • Low air usage compatible with most home shop compressors
  • Soda residue prevents rust and is easily removed for painting
  • Readily converts between Soda and Abrasive Blasting

The Eastwood Company offers a range of specialized tools and finishes for hobby and professional applications. For more information on The Eastwood Company, their products, or to request a free copy of their full-color catalog, go to www.eastwoodco.com.