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Now Powder Coat at Home with Eastwood's New System

MALVERN, PA, NOVEMBER 1 1998 -- The Eastwood Company announced today the introduction of the most innovative new product since the aerosol can! For the first time, home hobbyists can apply durable powder coat finishes economically and with professional results using Eastwood's new HotCoat™ Powder Coating System!

Powder coating services have been available for over 40 years. This durable finish is the choice of industry professionals for many applications: automotive, marine, home, etc. But until now, hobbyists had to rely on professional powder coating services that can be expensive, slow, and can sometimes result in lost parts.

Powder coating is a method of applying an electrostatically charged powder onto a part (typically metals or other materials that can withstand the 400 F cure temperature). The part is then baked at 400 F (2040 C) for about 15 minutes. The resulting finish resists abrasion, UV light, and most chemicals including fuels, brake fluids, and solvents. Parts can be put in service as soon as they're cool enough to handle.

The Eastwood Company currently has 15 custom-blended HotCoat colors ranging from translucents to natural metal finishes. Many more colors will continually be added. When applied over chrome or polished surfaces, these HotCoat powders give a look that turns heads! The gloss clear can be applied over billet or polished metal surfaces to allow the user to protect and forget; all that may be needed thereafter is a simple cleaning with water or auto polish.

Eastwood's new HotCoat Powder Coating System (Item #10198) includes an application gun, 8 oz. of high gloss black powder, power supply, interconnecting cables with activation switch, and complete instructions. That's less than one would pay to have only a few parts professionally coated! All the user needs to provide to achieve professional results right at home is a small air compressor (or portable regulated air tank) to supply as little as .5 cfm at 5-10 psi to the gun, and an electric non-food oven located in a well ventilated area. A toaster oven may even be used to bake small parts!

Powder Coating is widely used in the street rod, customization, and restoration industries. This durable coating has depth and color selection that is difficult to create with liquid coatings. Application and clean up involves no solvents at all, just compressed air and a broom to sweep up over spray.

This product, as well as other tools and supplies, are included in Eastwood's monthly catalog.

The Eastwood Company is proud to offer a wide range of automotive tools and supplies for hobby and professional applications. For more information on The Eastwood Company, their products, or to request a free copy of their full-color catalog, go to