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Eastwood Primer Surfacer & Block Sanding Kit

Item #15015ZP

Everything you need to make your car laser-straight



Everything you need to make your car laser-straight. Eastwood makes it easy to paint your car by eliminating the guesswork. This money-saving kit includes everything you need to get your car or truck’s body laser-straight.

  • Contour Polyester Primer Surfacer Gallon
  • 7 Piece Dura-Block Sanding Kit
  • Eastwood Black Guide Coat
  • PSA Baked 2.75" X 82.66" 180 Grit

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About Eastwood Primer Surfacer & Block Sanding Kit

Block sanding is an essential step in prepping a vehicle for paint. Eliminate wavy body panels with this convenient kit. The Contour Polyester Primer Surfacer offers high build characteristics, with minimal shrinking, allowing this product to be stacked to eliminate waves in panels. It’s easy sanding makes this product a favorite. The 7-Piece Dura-Block kit provides assorted sanding blocks, which allow you to sand everything from large panels to tight spots. Finishing up with 180 grit provides a smooth finish.


One contour Polyester Primer Surfacer (13523ZP)
One 7 pc Sanding Block Set(31160)
One 2.75 x 82 inch PSA backed sandpaper 180 Grit (19627)
One Guide coat black aerosol (12416Z)


Always wear eye, skin and respiratory protection when using these products. Consult label instructions and MSDS for specific warnings and precautions. Keep out of reach of children.

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