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Adjustable Guide Fence

Part #28060P

The Adjustable Guide Fence allows your Economy Bead Roller with Mandrels, to produce readily repeatable results. The guide fence makes it easy to roll a straight bead, flange, cut and more. Attaching the Guide Fence requires minor disassembly of your bead roller. The installation is easiest with the bead roller supported in a vice, as it would be, for normal operation.

Adjustable Guide Fench

Assembly Instructions

1) Hold roller drive handle to prevent it from turning as you loosen and remove the lower forming roll retaining bolt and washer.
2) Loosen any additional Allen screws from the lower forming roll and slide roll off of the shaft. It is acceptable to strike the back of the roll gently with a wooden block if required to remove roll.
3) Remove key from shaft (if installed).
4) Loosen and remove bolt that retains the lower shaft bearing block and slide bearing block off end of shaft.
5) Loosen locking bolt on Guide Fence.
6) Position Guide Fence so that you can hand feed the lower roll drive shaft thru the round hole in the Guide Fence, and temporarily slide guide fence toward the back of the bead roller throat. Properly installed, the flat arms should be facing the rolls and the Guide Fence locking bolt positioned so that it tightens against the back surface of the bead roller frame.
7) Slide bearing block over lower shaft, install bolt through roller frame, and tighten retaining bolt.
8) Install key in shaft (if originally installed).
9) Slide forming roll back onto lower shaft, center below upper roll and tighten Allen screw.
10) Install roll retaining bolt and washer in end of shaft and tighten, holding roller drive handle as fastener is tightened.

Usage Instructions for Bead Roller with Guide Fence:

1) Loosen Adjustable Guide Fence locking bolt.
2) Position fence in desired position and tighten locking bolt.
3) Run a test piece of similar gauge thru to test both forming depth and position.
4) Run sheet metal thru maintaining light contact with face of guide fence.
NOTE: Your Adjustable Guide Fence can remain on the bead roller, when not in use, unless maximum throat depth is required.