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Eastwood 1 HP Buff Motor, Dual Speed

Item #51460 Brand: Eastwood

1-HP, dual-speed buffer's extended
shaft allows more working area


1HP Dual Speed (1720/3400rpm) Buffer High value, professional preferred motor offers the utility of dual speeds perfect for buffing metal and plastics.

  • Extended length and balanced shafts offer more work space around wheel
  • Cast housing and base assure smooth operation, extended bearing life
  • Dual speeds give you more versatility when working with various types of metals or buff diameters

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About Eastwood 1 HP Buff Motor, Dual Speed


  • 1720/3400 rpm Speed
  • 6.3 amps for 3400 rpm (1hp)
  • 3.3 amps for 1720 rpm (1/2 hp)
  • 750W/370W
  • 120 VAC 60 Hz
  • cUL-Listed
  • 3/4" diameter shaft
  • 26-1/4"" wide overall
  • Shaft extends 6-15/16" beyond housing
  • Sealed motor housing
  • One year limited manufacturer's warranty


Includes two 1" and two 2" spacers, four 3-3/4" flanges and retaining nuts.

Buff wheels are not included and sold separately.


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Buffing Compounds
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13046 Cotton Flannel Buff with 3/4” hole
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Click here for Buffing Instructions


Wear appropriate ANSI-approved safety eye protection, ANSI-approved hearing protection, 14" or longer leather gloves, and ANSI-approved respiratory protection.

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