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Glass Polishing Kit for Deep Scratches

Item #12526 Brand: Glass Technology

Avoid costly windshield replacement
by removing even deep scratches


Remove deep scratches from automotive glass and avoid expensive replacements with this glass polishing kit! Think that old windshield is so deeply scratched that you'll have to replace it? It won't be easy to find a replacement windshield, and even if you do, imagine the cost! This Pro Glass Polishing Kit is designed to remove deep scratches, to prevent that aggravation and expense!
  • Removes deep scratches from automotive glass
  • Perfect for hard-to-replace windshields on older cars
  • Works with your corded or cordless drill (up to 2000 RPM)

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About Glass Polishing Kit for Deep Scratches

Now you can recondition deeply scratched automotive glass and save the replacement costs. This abrasive system literally grinds away imperfections until scratches disappear. Works with your corded or cordless drill set at 2000 RPMs or slower. Caution: This system does remove glass scratches, so keep glass wet with water, and keep spinning abrasives moving across entire surface, to avoid heat build-up and optical distortion.


Diamond Fast Powder (1/2 lb.), 3"-dia. pressure-sensitive-adhesive abrasive discs (one each: coarse, medium and fine), 3"-dia. felt polishing buff, 3"-dia. hook-it backing pad, 1/4"-drive spindle adapter, instructions.


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12525 Pro Glass Polishing Kit for lighter scratches


This scratch-removal kit generates silica dust. It is essential that the user and everyone in the area wear appropriate respiratory protection.

MSDS Sheet

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